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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 21, 2014 8:00pm-8:11pm JST

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here in japan it's a saturday night. welcome to this hour's newsline. i'm james tengan in tokyo. a building that played a key role in japan's transition to an industrialized country has been recognized as a world heritage site. the tomioka silk mill becomes the 18th world heritage site. >> adopted. congratulations japan. [ applause ] >> the committee endorsed a recommendation by an advisory
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body that the silk mill in gunma prefecture become a new heritage site. >> we'll continue to do our best to preserve and pass this heritage on to future generations. >> the mill north of tokyo was built in 1872. it was japan's first state run silk factory. the heritage site consists of four buildings. they include a brick factory and houses that became the prototype for farmers that began to manufacture silk. the tomioka compound shows how technology helped japan manufacture high quality silk products on a large scale. it also says the site helped with the development of the silk industry and producing silk that was affordable to consumers around the world. >> china's state run xinjiang news agency is reporting more violence in the xinjiang uygur region. they drove an attacker into the
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building and set off an explosion. three police officers were wounded and the extend of the damage from the explosion is not known. they have staged a number of attacks that resulted in causalities. last months militants rammed two vehicles into a market and set off explosions in the capitol urumqi. 39 people died in the attack three people were killed in a bombing at a train station also at urumqi. they say they suffered unequal treatment economically and politically compared to the majority han chinese. the leader of iraq's shia muslims made a call that could lead to even more sectarian fighting. he urged citizens once again to join the battle against sunni insurgents.
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iraqi authorities say government forces recaptured a village about 120 kilometers north of baghdad. troops are also holding militants that hold qaim north of syria. reports say 34 soldiers have been killed there iraq's top shia cleric called for the battle against extremists. he said they must defeat the militants before it's too late. more and more citizens have been volunteering to fight. most come from the shia majority. sunni militants took control last week in the second largest city mosul. they have since been pushing south. pentagon spokesperson john kirby says the united states will send dozens of special forces troops as early as next week. he says two small advanced teams will first gather information on the ground.
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>> those first couple of teams will be drawn from personnel that are already there in iraq. >> president barrack obama announced that the u.s. will send up to 300 soldiers including special forces to advise the iraqi military. officials in the u.s. expressed concern over a japanese government run internship program for foreigners. some trainees are subjected to forced labor. secretary of state john kerry released the 2014 version of the trafficking and persons report. it says some japanese companies in the program have confiscated passports and other documents from the interns and says some trainees are forced to pay excessive fees. the authors of the annual report criticized the program for eight straight years. japanese officials want to expand the use of foreign trainees as part of their economic growth strategy. they say it will help make up for the labor shortage as the society grows older.
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but members of an expert panel urged authorities to review the system and clarify their oversight responsibilities. officials at the united nations also called on japan to reform the program. their 2011 report on human rights said some companies use the system as a way of getting cheap labor. it says some interns are paid extremely low wages or restricted in their movements or use of telephones. authorities at the international labor organization have also criticized the program. they said in a report last year that the system had been improved but that structural problems remain. many people in myanmar missed out on economic opportunity during the long years of military rule but three years ago the generals began carrying out democratic and economic reforms and that's capturing the attention of companies looking for a new source of workers. representatives from about 70
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firms gathered for a job fair in yangon. they include companies based in japan, the united states and europe. many of them are looking for employees with language and computer skills and they have high hopes of finding them in myanmar. workers are highly educated and talented but were not able to take advantage of their skills during the days of military rule. okay, now the action on day nine of the soccer world cup. costa rica advanced to the knockout stage for the first time in 24 years. the costa ricans took on italy in northeastern brazil. neither team scored until just before the end of the first half. that's when costa rica striker found the net with a header. in the second half, the italians
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made a desperate counter attack. the defender blasted a shot on net but the goalkeeper was up to the task. he was in the right place once again on a free kick by the midfielder. costa rica was able to stifle italy's trademark midfield passing and they beat the italians 1-0. so costa rica has made it out of group d and into the round of 16. that means england with 0 points won't be advancing. in group e, france barraged switzerland with a five goal attack. the striker opened the scoring in the 17th minute. then the midfielder struck just after a minute later and france added one more goal before the first half whistle.
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a striker kept it going in the second half. they scored france's 4th goal in the 76th minute. switzerland managed two goals late in the game. but that just made the final score 5-2. in another group e match, honduras faced off against ecuador. ecuador striker valencia scored twice and his team won 2-1. france now leads group e with six points and ecuador is second with three points. for some teams an era has ended but for others a new one begins. we'll keep you posted on the latest world cup action. here on "newsline" we now turn to world weather.
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that was the news from our studios here in tokyo. don't go away. there's more to come here on nhk world.
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welcome to "cool japan" where it is cool japanese culture. >> it's something related to families and it's really happy. >> something happy? like winning the lottery? >> no. something more wonderful. i experienced it last year. it's this. >> you get fat? >> no. >> bone dance? >> no. >> you ate too much? >> no. it's pregnancy and child birth. today we're going to find out what's cool about pregnancy and childbirth in japan. >> i see. let's get started. this is "cool japan." these days japes


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